Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This site is dedicated in loving memory to my father, Albert Shalyt, who died of lung cancer on the 17/05/2013.
A close friend of his told me about a conversation they once had - saying that today, in the age of technology, a memorial should not be a statue or a sign somewhere. It should be online - a collection of the deceased person's life works and achievements, as well as memories and friends. This site is my humble attempt to do just that. You can find some of Alik's best academic and creative works here, as well as a few selected photos of him and his close family.

An additional purpose of this site is to be a platform for you - his friends and family - to share and remember the adventures and history you've been through together with Alik. Feel free to post comments or contact me directly (I would be happy to hear/read anything about my dad) at:

Edit (16/05/23):
Years after his death, a friend wrote down some beautiful memories and published here.

(Tel Regev cemetery - the Haifa Spanish community part, area 1, section 22, row 1, slot 3)

(The collage was made by my sister - Olesya Kurleyeva)